Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries – Decorating with medieval wall decor

The Cluny Museum in Paris, also known as the National Museum of Medieval Art, is home to many magnificent examples of medieval tapestries, including the famous lady and the Unicorn tapestries created a series of six tapestries in the Middle Ages and the wider world known for their beauty. The Cluny Museum is also home to tapestries and textiles from various countries including Iran, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Britain. There are a variety of different styles, as well as the decorationas types of production and while all the tapestries are beautiful museums, the lady and the Unicorn series is by far the most popular.

The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries were discovered in 1841 in the castle of Boussac and through the writings of George Sand immediately gained entry into the story. The town of Boussac had bought the castle and all its contents, in 1837, but it was not until 1841 that the tapestries have been discovered. In 1882 the tapestrieswere presented at the Cluny Museum of the French government. The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries were woven around 1460, probably in Tournai for the Lord of Fresno.

There are a total of six tapestries in the series and they are all displayed side by side in a room specifically to house them. The tapestries are said to represent the five human senses with the sixth tapestry is the understanding, intuition, or sixth sense. Unicorns have been popular subjects ofTapestry in the Middle Ages, as they represented chastity and holiness.

The tapestry representing tasting presents a young girl holding a parrot in his left hand while surrounded by a lion and a unicorn. The Maiden is to take something from a drawer that is delivered by his servant. There is also a dog in the picture he is eating from the floor. The tapestry that represents the view has a unicorn on his knees on the legs of the girl and to look in a mirror thatgirl takes. The tapestry depicts the girl caressing touch of the unicorn while holding a banner squadron. The tapestry that is the smell of the woman shows a wreath, while behind her a monkey sniffs a rose-scented. The tapestry shows to hear the girl playing an organ with the lion and unicorn, which appears as a decoration on both sides of the organ.

The sixth tapestry, that of understanding, is the most difficult to interpret. Some believe that represents the intuitionthe sixth sense, and many scholars still debate whether the introduction of the conclusion to the series. It depicts the girl in front of a tent with "A MON Seul Desir" meaning to my Sole Desire, while placing a necklace in a box held by his servant.

The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries are world famous for their size and beauty, and even if their meaning is always open to interpretation there is no denying the skill and complexity that went into creating them.The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries were created by hand in a time frame before and no doubt has had hundreds of hours to create.

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Lady and the Tramp Stamp – Tattoo lower back

The world of tattoo art and design has its own language and terminology as well as any company does. One of the more contemporary terms in business is the 'tramp stamp. 'What are tramp stamps? Well, they have nothing to do with the U.S. Mail or a picture on a postage stamp or even 'lady and the' vagabond children's classic Disney flick.

A tramp stamp is a phrase that was coined (unknown source) to describe a tattoo that is printed on the lower back of a woman or girl.The lower back has become a popular place for women to get inked and combined with the low-rise jeans trend has caused a stampede for the study of tattoo. It has become fashionable for girls to show their midriffs and pierced belly rings and with lower back tattoos body art.

The term tramp stamp has a derogatory connotation and should not be considered relevant when deciding to get body art. Getting a tattoo is a personal decision that has nothing to do with such alabel. Another important trend for women is to get sexy foot and ankle tattoos. There has been no backlash or negative labeling for these routes, or even the most sexually explicit areas of breasts and genitalia, although these are less common places for tattoos – but do not recall a more sexual connotation – and yet the lower back has received more attention.

There are many, many lower back tattoo designs to choose from. Japanese Kanji tattoo designs have become veryPeople in Western civilization. The beautiful flowing writing is perfect for feminine tattoos. When you use Kanji on lower back many opt for the symbols must be written horizontally. There are also many tribal symbols and male warrior as well. styles of calligraphy can be adjusted to the drawings of men and women. Kang is one of three alphabets used in Japan, where the symbols represent ideas of imagination rather than individual words. With more than 1,000 symbols, and some that require more than 30 strokes of the pen,there is a great possibility of error, as there is a certain order in which traits should be done. Tattoos using these symbols should only be done by professional tattoo artists that can translate and understand the language thoroughly to avoid permanently inking the wrong interpretation.

There are design studios and galleries online and offline that offer endless designs and works of art. Finding the perfect one for you is the hardest part of getting inked. So what you arewaiting for? Go Tatt yourself!

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Lady GaGa – Alejandro – Seeking attention or a video worth?

The video of lady GaGa's hit single Alejandro has caused public outrage for his use of religious images along with Nazism and sexual references. The media blew this video GaGa innovative but controversial, but it can be found deeper meanings behind what appears to be a curse?

Through the eyes of an atheist, the video may seem to have a deeper meaning and different from what is initially seen. lady GaGa is known for its creativity, soAlejandro may be seen as an additional outlet for this creativity and should be considered with an open mind.

The use of the rosary, crosses and latex nun outfit can be seen as the acceptance of religion, rather than an attempt to criticize it.

The scene in which Lady GaGa can be seen swallowing a rosary could symbolize ingestion of religion, his religion, taking upon themselves and accept it as a force of light to conquer all his fears. Therefore, showingwho wants to be accepted by the church, and to save itself from what it once was. The scene where she is in bed with men gay military sinner is his old self, then, after ingestion of the beads and to be dressed in nun's habit is a new person and accepted by the church.

However, another purpose or meaning is that the rosary and the swallowing of them is a metaphor for the way in which religion can be imposed on people. Religion is another waywhere people are criticized, especially gay people. This idea starts as soon as the movie begins with the funeral of Alejandro, links the idea that he was gay and killed for it. The military style of the video can be interpreted as a clear link with homosexuals, as in the United States military service is not allowed if you are gay. This is once again how people are judged by the military and religion.

All this link into two meanings behind the representation ofreligion, depending on how you view the whole video. In once sense, GaGa is to accept religion as part of his life. In the other, GaGa is that it is the way that religion can cause people to be hurt, the way in which judges people and religion can not be fully themselves because of this. In both cases, Lady GaGa is both praised and criticized for his work, but there is still a creative force.

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Lady Liberty costumes to celebrate our independence

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to commemorate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. It 'a symbol of freedom from slavery, oppression and tyranny. E 'dressed in the usual Roman toga with a crown, which has seven points representing every continent. The Torch lady Liberty symbolizes enlightenment and the tablet is for knowledge. It has become a symbol of patriotism, but a mother image that welcomesimmigrants who are on track to start a new life.

Because of its national symbols, lady Liberty costumes have become popular choice during patriotic celebrations. You will see men and women dress in that outfit during the fashion shows and theme parties. An ensemble consisting of a typical dress belt, helmet and torch. The ground color is usually a lighter shade of green, but may vary.

Attending a patriotic celebration as the Lady of Liberty is a fun way toexpressing patriotism. E 'is easily recognizable, so the expression nationalist can never be lost. There are several Statue of Liberty costume that can be purchased online or at any retail stores. But the coolest way to enjoy the experience is to make the dress yourself, including Lady Liberty torch and crown. Working on creating the ensemble alone gives meaning to the celebration.

Celebrating Independence Day or Memorial Day, coming as LadyFreedom is a perfect way to venerate the independence of our country and his plea for freedom from slavery, oppression and tyranny.

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How to be a lady

"The way in which it is determined that the way you feel and the way you feel influences the way of acting." – Rick Warren

Women are often judged by how they express themselves – their way of thinking, hearing, speaking, acting, moving, standing, sitting, standing, look, dress, handle or manage things, and treat or deal with people – like a lady. As we say who we are and what kind of person we are.

It 'probably feel that every girl "act like a lady" from their mothers at certain pointstheir lives. It involves a number of manners well-thought-out that may not come naturally. I picked up a simple step that can help anyone be a lady:

Be polite. A woman should keep a cool head under pressure and beat his opponents with significant, well chosen words.
Maintaining a groomed appearance. Grooming is a sign to the outside world that a woman is a woman-like. Instead of throwing on sweats shreds, choose a jogging suit well placed to runcommittees. Rather than leave the house without make-up, try a quick face lift for 5 minutes in the morning. Carry the sense of being a lady in your wardrobe. Always wear appropriate clothing for the occasion.
Educate yourself. Today's proverbial "lady" should be educated and able to hold onto the end of the conversation. Staying on top of world events and keep the mind active through reading and television viewing significantly, you can carry on a conversation accused ofintellectual interest.
Be independent. In a dramatic shift away from traditional ideas of lady-like, the modern woman is considered a lady if she can stand on its own two feet. Women hold down careers, raise children, or living the single life depend on their choices and preferences. An independent woman, is the culmination of the lady-like.
Nurture kindness. Perhaps the most recognizable sign of a woman is kindness. If a woman is kind to his parents,lover, friends, or community in general, almost any other feature is precious and contagious.

I came across a quiz on the network. It's called "You Are A Lady?". So, I checked the boxes that apply to me. Then, I got the result. It says: "In general, I am a refined woman with good manners. But I also know when to relax and not too serious about etiquette." It 's true. It's me! I was educated to be modest and proper, above all, to berespectful.

The way we tell our background – the environment in which we grew up – our family, friends, school, church, and our community. Therefore, it is really just that we project ourselves to the world, but also those who have helped and contributed to our identity and individuality. Therefore, it is really important, whether you're a boy or a girl, that we become a lord or a lady with one another.

Men and women are created equal by God By this I mean, we do things to others, we haveexcel in the things the other does, we complement each other, we are a part of the story. When men show the effort – opening the door for us, escort while crossing the street, they help us carry our bags, and so on – women should acknowledge and appreciate. According to Sherry Argov, author of Why Men Love Bitches "If they give a feeling of power, he wants to protect you and he will want to give the world." Why not chivalry should be dead? It should not be dead! It feelsgreat to be a woman and be treated as such.

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Learning to glean in God "Fields" – A Lady Writing Object Lesson For Kids

Unless your children are living in a farming community, I bet most of them have never heard of the concept of gleaning. Gleaning is really just a fancy term used to collect what remains of the collection of a field. For example, when a farmer collects his field of corn could leave your neighbors or strangers in need into his field and gather or collect what he has left behind.

Here is a lesson that will help your children learn the importance of becoming good of all that gleanersGod gives them through "fields" such as prayer and Bible study.

I like to turn my object lesson in something I call 3-Point Sermons for children. This lesson focuses on the Scripture passage in Ruth 2:17, which says: "So Ruth gathered in the field until evening." (NIV)

Here's what you do:

The object that will be used for this lesson will be a basket.

When you get to step 3, you might want to have some pictures of various Bible stories or verses that you can insert in yourtrash.

Keep your truck and ask the following questions to stimulate discussion.

1. What I have in hand? (Wait for responses such as "a basket".)

2. What is a basket? (Wait for responses such as "you carry things in it.")

3. Why a farmer never use a basket? (Wait for answers. If they have a difficult time explaining that a farmer could use a basket to collect the food that he grew up.)

4. Ask a child to read Ruth 2:17. (I used the NIV version).

5. Sayfollowing: "This verse shows us that God wants us to become gleaners as well off as Ruth had been learned three important points on this truth.."

Step One

You know what it means to "glean in the field" mean? It 'really just a fancy term used to collect what remains of the collection of a field. For example, when a farmer collects his field of corn could leave your neighbors or strangers in need into his field and gather or collect what he has left behind. Gleaning little has been donelittle.

Step two

Now the field of God photo. God does not have the vegetables in his field. Instead, his camp is full of prayers and Bible verses that He wants us to eat so our spirits will not grow tired or weak. Just like your body needs food, your spirit needs food too. Here are some ways you can go to glean in the field of God

Step Three

1. Good gleaners collect their food little by little. Prayer can happen gradually. You may need to pray for some peopleand situations for a long time. Be sure not to give up praying. God hears every prayer is prayer.

2. Good gleaners keep my eyes open in this field. This means that you should pay special attention to each verse of the Bible you read.

3. Good gleaners collect everything they find. This means that you should not only listen to the lessons of the Bible that keep your interest. You should try and learn to understand all the Word of God

4. Good gleaners make sure they hold on to allhave collected. This means you should be careful to remember what you learned about God

5. If you are hungry for God, a wise gleaner go and learn everything you can about him.

After class is over, you could have the children create a basket of construction paper and have them fill their baskets with written Bible verses and titles of stories they have heard. You could write them on the handles Ruth 2:17. Have fun!

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How to Attract and Impress a Lady 2 Tips Using Magic!

You are here to learn how to attract and impress a woman. Well, as I promised I have 2 magic tips that will help them succeed.

The problem of finding the right woman is that they seem to be occupied. Well, that's simply not the case. There are many out there, but you must give the right vibration to attract them.

Let me clarify one thing. If you are just looking for a quick hook up, you're in the wrong place. I have other items for you. This is intended forboy who wants to meet a woman with class.

OK, I'm going to give you two hot tips to figure out how to attract and impress a woman:

1) The appearances are everything: What I mean by that you ask? Well, unfortunately we are only human. This means that we must meet our instincts. Our initial judgments and decisions are made in seconds. So I suggest that you are looking very smooth.

I suggest you head out with a nice tailored suit. This will send out vibrations thattake care of your appearance and not some stereotypical bachelor messy, are you with me?

2) be seen in the right place: It 's great, looking good and making an effort with your appearance. However, you must be seen in the right place to make your new look will take effect.

You need to forget any old club, which is a virtual meat market! You need to go into a bar with class. You know the type, the bar where all the sophisticated high-profile maids hang out on Fridayafter work. You need to be there if you want to succeed and understand how to attract and impress a woman.

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