Beginner Ladies Golf – 101

If you are a new beginning golfer there are a couple of things you should be aware of so you have a good experience. In this article, we will talk about tee times, dress codes and tipping at the golf course.

What are the departure times? A tee time or also known as the start time is when you expect to get to the first tee. Tee times or a tee time can be made in person in the golf shop, you can call the golf shop and some courses will allow you to make a tee time onInternet. Once you have a scheduled tee time, you are responsible to reach the field at a time that allows you to visit the golf shop to pay the appropriate skills, warm up on the tee and driving range practice putting as well as eating at a restaurant or snack bar, if necessary. Clubs and courses ranging from how long in advance you can make a starting time. Call the club or course to find out what their rules. Understand, if a tee time is missed may be charged a "no show". StillThis is different from the golf course to golf course.

At the time of booking to leave, also learn the dress code of the center. The clubs have a wide variety of rules when it comes to their individual dress code. Denim may be clear to bring in a club and is prohibited by the dress code in another club. Fashion has actually achieved in golf, and Tiger-like wearing a fake fantasy t-shirts could be accepted on a course and not another. In addition, most clubs only allow soft spikes on golfshoes. It is the player's responsibility to be aware and know the policies of a club dress code.

What about tipping, while the golf course? Again, check first with the club or course, because there are some clubs that do not allow tipping. Most do. It is common to tip $ 1-2 per bag upon arrival or departure after your turn, if you receive adequate assistance with your bag or bags. The restaurant and beverage cart are typically focuses on basic restaurantguidelines.

Once the golf course there are some common rules that must be followed. The Rules of Golf state that there is no limit to a few clubs you can carry on the stock exchange but are limited to fourteen clubs in your golf bag. In a competitive situation that will be evaluated more rounds for this type of infringement.

Before going on the golf course, you need to understand how to repair a divot in the fairway or rough. This is important to ensure proper maintenance ofgolf course. On the green you need to know how to properly repair a ball mark made on the putting green. If properly repaired the turf is repaired in a few days. If the ball mark on the putting green is not repaired properly, it could take weeks for the turf to repair itself.

Before venturing out to the golf course, use these how-to and rules to make sure it is a great experience.

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