Number 2 large pink and chocolate Python Bag Lady Dior

I'm here to present this great pink and chocolate Python lady Dior Bag to you. I have no idea where the bag is created, but it's really original. How is wildly accepted that the lady Dior bag is the most elegant, and the python skin is the most fascinating and wild. Previously I thought that a bag can only be either elegant or wild, but now I think he can be both, and Dior bag, which controls the two in harmony. Mr. Dior surely knows how to combine the two very opposite fashion flairs.

python skin is not new Dior bag. In reality, this pink and chocolate is born with the company of many similar ones, like the python polished natural, pink and chocolate-brown and gray and silver python skin purse. Each bag is as glamorous as you might imagine, but the pink and chocolate adds a kind of sweetness to soften his wildness punctured. Personally I think it's best suited for elegant> lady.

This bag details for £ 3,505 pounds, which is a bit 'heavy for a single bag, but you can expect to be timeless for years to come. This two-tone hand-painted pink and chocolate python measures 24 centimeters long, 20 cm high and 11 cm wide. It 's the legendary four silver-plated letters "Dior," hanging on a handle and a zip pocket inside. This is a brand new interpretation of the icon held true most of the lady Dior-house, which hasher name to Princess Diana.

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