Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries – Decorating with medieval wall decor

The Cluny Museum in Paris, also known as the National Museum of Medieval Art, is home to many magnificent examples of medieval tapestries, including the famous lady and the Unicorn tapestries created a series of six tapestries in the Middle Ages and the wider world known for their beauty. The Cluny Museum is also home to tapestries and textiles from various countries including Iran, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Britain. There are a variety of different styles, as well as the decorationas types of production and while all the tapestries are beautiful museums, the lady and the Unicorn series is by far the most popular.

The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries were discovered in 1841 in the castle of Boussac and through the writings of George Sand immediately gained entry into the story. The town of Boussac had bought the castle and all its contents, in 1837, but it was not until 1841 that the tapestries have been discovered. In 1882 the tapestrieswere presented at the Cluny Museum of the French government. The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries were woven around 1460, probably in Tournai for the Lord of Fresno.

There are a total of six tapestries in the series and they are all displayed side by side in a room specifically to house them. The tapestries are said to represent the five human senses with the sixth tapestry is the understanding, intuition, or sixth sense. Unicorns have been popular subjects ofTapestry in the Middle Ages, as they represented chastity and holiness.

The tapestry representing tasting presents a young girl holding a parrot in his left hand while surrounded by a lion and a unicorn. The Maiden is to take something from a drawer that is delivered by his servant. There is also a dog in the picture he is eating from the floor. The tapestry that represents the view has a unicorn on his knees on the legs of the girl and to look in a mirror thatgirl takes. The tapestry depicts the girl caressing touch of the unicorn while holding a banner squadron. The tapestry that is the smell of the woman shows a wreath, while behind her a monkey sniffs a rose-scented. The tapestry shows to hear the girl playing an organ with the lion and unicorn, which appears as a decoration on both sides of the organ.

The sixth tapestry, that of understanding, is the most difficult to interpret. Some believe that represents the intuitionthe sixth sense, and many scholars still debate whether the introduction of the conclusion to the series. It depicts the girl in front of a tent with "A MON Seul Desir" meaning to my Sole Desire, while placing a necklace in a box held by his servant.

The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries are world famous for their size and beauty, and even if their meaning is always open to interpretation there is no denying the skill and complexity that went into creating them.The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries were created by hand in a time frame before and no doubt has had hundreds of hours to create.

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