Lady GaGa – Alejandro – Seeking attention or a video worth?

The video of lady GaGa's hit single Alejandro has caused public outrage for his use of religious images along with Nazism and sexual references. The media blew this video GaGa innovative but controversial, but it can be found deeper meanings behind what appears to be a curse?

Through the eyes of an atheist, the video may seem to have a deeper meaning and different from what is initially seen. lady GaGa is known for its creativity, soAlejandro may be seen as an additional outlet for this creativity and should be considered with an open mind.

The use of the rosary, crosses and latex nun outfit can be seen as the acceptance of religion, rather than an attempt to criticize it.

The scene in which Lady GaGa can be seen swallowing a rosary could symbolize ingestion of religion, his religion, taking upon themselves and accept it as a force of light to conquer all his fears. Therefore, showingwho wants to be accepted by the church, and to save itself from what it once was. The scene where she is in bed with men gay military sinner is his old self, then, after ingestion of the beads and to be dressed in nun's habit is a new person and accepted by the church.

However, another purpose or meaning is that the rosary and the swallowing of them is a metaphor for the way in which religion can be imposed on people. Religion is another waywhere people are criticized, especially gay people. This idea starts as soon as the movie begins with the funeral of Alejandro, links the idea that he was gay and killed for it. The military style of the video can be interpreted as a clear link with homosexuals, as in the United States military service is not allowed if you are gay. This is once again how people are judged by the military and religion.

All this link into two meanings behind the representation ofreligion, depending on how you view the whole video. In once sense, GaGa is to accept religion as part of his life. In the other, GaGa is that it is the way that religion can cause people to be hurt, the way in which judges people and religion can not be fully themselves because of this. In both cases, Lady GaGa is both praised and criticized for his work, but there is still a creative force.

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