How to be a lady

"The way in which it is determined that the way you feel and the way you feel influences the way of acting." – Rick Warren

Women are often judged by how they express themselves – their way of thinking, hearing, speaking, acting, moving, standing, sitting, standing, look, dress, handle or manage things, and treat or deal with people – like a lady. As we say who we are and what kind of person we are.

It 'probably feel that every girl "act like a lady" from their mothers at certain pointstheir lives. It involves a number of manners well-thought-out that may not come naturally. I picked up a simple step that can help anyone be a lady:

Be polite. A woman should keep a cool head under pressure and beat his opponents with significant, well chosen words.
Maintaining a groomed appearance. Grooming is a sign to the outside world that a woman is a woman-like. Instead of throwing on sweats shreds, choose a jogging suit well placed to runcommittees. Rather than leave the house without make-up, try a quick face lift for 5 minutes in the morning. Carry the sense of being a lady in your wardrobe. Always wear appropriate clothing for the occasion.
Educate yourself. Today's proverbial "lady" should be educated and able to hold onto the end of the conversation. Staying on top of world events and keep the mind active through reading and television viewing significantly, you can carry on a conversation accused ofintellectual interest.
Be independent. In a dramatic shift away from traditional ideas of lady-like, the modern woman is considered a lady if she can stand on its own two feet. Women hold down careers, raise children, or living the single life depend on their choices and preferences. An independent woman, is the culmination of the lady-like.
Nurture kindness. Perhaps the most recognizable sign of a woman is kindness. If a woman is kind to his parents,lover, friends, or community in general, almost any other feature is precious and contagious.

I came across a quiz on the network. It's called "You Are A Lady?". So, I checked the boxes that apply to me. Then, I got the result. It says: "In general, I am a refined woman with good manners. But I also know when to relax and not too serious about etiquette." It 's true. It's me! I was educated to be modest and proper, above all, to berespectful.

The way we tell our background – the environment in which we grew up – our family, friends, school, church, and our community. Therefore, it is really just that we project ourselves to the world, but also those who have helped and contributed to our identity and individuality. Therefore, it is really important, whether you're a boy or a girl, that we become a lord or a lady with one another.

Men and women are created equal by God By this I mean, we do things to others, we haveexcel in the things the other does, we complement each other, we are a part of the story. When men show the effort – opening the door for us, escort while crossing the street, they help us carry our bags, and so on – women should acknowledge and appreciate. According to Sherry Argov, author of Why Men Love Bitches "If they give a feeling of power, he wants to protect you and he will want to give the world." Why not chivalry should be dead? It should not be dead! It feelsgreat to be a woman and be treated as such.

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